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深圳市常青藤生物科技有限公司是常青藤(香港)健康科学控股有限公司在中国大陆的唯一分公司,依托于美国营养科学国际研究有限公司的权威和强大科研实力, 不断引进、研发和推广适合我国国民的一系列功效型营养食品。公司引进的所有产品均获得美国GMP和自由销售证书,中国海关检验检疫卫生证书。其中量子银营养液(胶银)、细胞营养浓缩液(细胞食物)、细胞营养液(HGH)、葡萄籽营养粉(OPC)等产品曾为美国宇航员和特种兵等服务,广受全球各界人士的好评。公司拥有专业的精英团队,有强大的市场支持,以"务实、高效、感悟、健康、快乐"为宗旨,并将 "立足生命科学,发展健康产业"作为指导思想,力争为国人身体素质和健康水平的提高做出更大的贡献。

Shenzhen Ivy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the Ivy (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited, the only branch of the Health Sciences in mainland China, relying on the US International Nutritional Sciences Ltd. authoritative and strong research strength, the introduction, development and promotion for our nationals nutritional effect of a series of food and health food. The company introduced the all products have received US GMP and free sale certificate, which super OPC, cell nutrition concentrate, HGH and other products for US astronauts and special forces and other services, widely praised by all walks of life worldwide. The company has a professional elite team, strong market support, "pragmatic, efficient, sentiment, healthy and happy" for the purpose, and "based on the life sciences, health industry" as the guiding ideology, and strive for physical fitness and healthy people improve the level and make greater contribution.